Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ben Lee – Surrender / I Love Pop Music

“I can’t promise much at all, but when you call me I’ll be there.” Surrender is a joyful call and response pop tune for Valentine’s Day. The band and sing-a-long mates bring the party atmosphere alive and help Ben express the truths of love in an honest relation. I Love Pop Music is a fun way to express the power of words and music melded into our neurons. “Politics you can romance to. . .Philosophy that you can dance to.” Shoutouts for Yoko Ono (“it’s not an easy job to be the one who says yes when the whole world always says no”), and Song For The Divine Mother Of The Universe (“your love is everything”). A really fun cover of ‘Ben Lee’ from the movie That Darn Punk is included for a great giggle. Ben does manage to return to a romantic mood for Valentine’s Day with a beautiful cover of Throw Your Arms Around Me. Blue Denim is, quite simply, vocal humor.Ben Lee

The original version by Hunters And Collectors:

The original version by The Ataris:

The original version by John Lennon (explained):

The original version by Ben Lee: