Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rosemary's Garden - Flower Song

The guitar opens full chord and dreams up a very cool life philosophy; “don’t wait till the flowers die before you put one in your hair.” It’s so easy to neglect the little things around s, because even the school yards will sport signs that say ‘don’t walk on the grass’. Only a little bit off the subject is my favorite thing to hate – school playgrounds that say: ‘no children after school hours.’ Like whose tax money paid for the playgrounds? My personal belief is every public school should be open 24/7, and when students are not there the adults in the community could be using the classrooms for instruction of all sort, while their children played. Nuff soapbox, back to the music. “Time won’t wait for anyone, so you better be prepared.” Want a bit of true religion? How ‘bout “imagination is creation, so love thy neighbor as thyself.” Slow rock and roll. Shoutouts for the coming of age song about a 13 year old in the American world, Forever Lily (“don’t ever change, we like you that way”), and Hard Times (“use oil from a planty instead of oil from a fossil - there’d be no use in fighting”). Thanks to Laura Hamlett at Big Fat Cat for introducing us. Rosemary's Garden