Sunday, February 22, 2009

JJ Cale – Who Knew?

The jazz bassist excites the way this album begins. JJ Cale is best known for his guitar skills, but here we get to focus on his writing skills. “Who knew our life would be so complicated? Who knew that we would be so automated? No time to think! On the brink! Who knew?” Good questions to contemplate and try to understand. Technology has automated most of my life, yet I’m busier than ever. Go figger. Trying to figure out ways to simplify even more has become more stressful than simply accepting it, but it is strange when I take time to think about it. But, like the man says, no time to think, we’re on the brink. I love the way he puts it because a brink can go two ways – we’re either on the brink of disaster, or the brink of a revolution. Of course, we won’t know till we’re on the other side, but these can be looked at as exciting days. “Be ready to fabricate and navigate your personal fate.” LOL! Great line that could mean many things, but to me he’s saying – be ready for a job change soon. And yes, the guitar does sneak in some tasty licks. Shoutouts for Strange Days (“there is no meaning”), Fondalina (“it’s a story as old as Jesus, Fondalina has a void to fill”), and Roll On (coulda been called Rock and Roll On – lots of tasty guitar duels & jerry lee piano licks). JJ Cale