Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gretchen Peters - If I Had a Gun

“If I had a gun you’d be dead. One to the heart, one to the head. If I had a gun I’d wipe it clean, my fingerprints off on these sheets. They’d bury you in the cold hard ground, fist full of dirt would hold you down. They’d bury you in the cold hard ground, it’d be the first night I sleep sound.” Powerful words. The presentation is as serious as the content, and beautifully presented. Hard to imagine dancing to, but a lot of women will love singing along with Gretchen. “No one will cry. No one will mourn the day you died.” Shoutouts for Prairie In The Sky (“I carry all I own in the pouches of my saddlebag”), and Guadalupe (“there are ghosts out in the rain tonight”). Gretchen Peters

Tom Russell’s demo of Guadalupe: