Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Steve Martin - Pitkin County Turnaround b/w Hoedown At Alice's

I used to watch this guy with the banjo and arrow through his head and be amzed at the licks he threw out at random, but never finished. I looked around helplessly for an album of him simply playing without being silly because I was impressed with his technique. I’m not sure, what it this? Something like 37 years later? I remember a member of one of the early bands I was with doing a Steve Martin impression, so it must have been 72 or 73 when the arrow through his head was his schtick. Someone will know. Anyway, I finally found the album! And it’s filled with songs that Steve wrote himself, and produced by Jim McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band). Sounds – well, it sounds like old-time banjo picking. But his banjo chops are great, and the production is such that it doesn’t matter if the CD was released in 1955 or 2009, it’s great fun to listen to. Thanks Steve! You have made my day brighter. Steve Martin

Title tune of album (Crow):

Playing banjo back in the Arrow Through The Head era: