Sunday, February 01, 2009

Balmorhea - Remembrance

I love this set. Take a group of people from Texas. Give one a guitar, one a banjo, one a stand-up bass, another a fiddle, and add some percussion. You already know what it’s going to sound like. Think again. I’m not sure if there’s a genre for what we have here, besides beautiful. It’s not really jazz, because there’s not really improvisation involved. Some might call it classical, because it’s composed. Perhaps, I might even buy that, except most people have when they hear the word ‘classical’ already have pre-conceived notions. If forced to categorize, I would say Rock and Roll, for the reason that Pink Floyd is often categorized as Rock and Roll.

Remembrance has a special feeling of digging into my memory and allowing me to experience past feelings and thoughts again. My main modus operandi is to always look ahead, but I appreciate looking back from time to time and seeing where I’ve been and analyzing how I came to be where I am today. Balmorhea allowed me to experience that. Reason enough to pick up the album. A shoutout for a faster, but just as beautiful composition, Elegy.

I haven’t gotten permission to stream the songs, but the band has made a live video from KUT available, so you will get to experience some of what the album is like. Give it a chance. The vocals are a bit more subdued on the album, but listen in and you’ll get a very good taste of the spirit these folks evoke. Balmorhea