Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Among Wolves – Bottle

Swirling organ recalls the psychedelic 60’s flavor of dance, with some extremely cool guitar crunching during the last minute of the song. I’ve tried to dream the lyrics deeply and see how much they affect he dance? “How come when I ask you the simplest question. . .Do you love him? You said that you loved him I guess you changed your mind.” I haven’t found the answer because I’m too busy moving to think. Definitely a tune to keep the dance floor filled on hump day, while the bottles of beer and other beverages sit on the table gathering water beads for 2 ½ minutes. Those bottles sure look good after dancing so hard, but get a few slugs in quick cause these guys drag you right back up with the shoutout tune, Just In Case. This tune takes us on a completely different, slower dance movement, and includes a deeper story. Very cool played back-to-back. Among Wolves