Friday, September 14, 2007

Koopa – The Crash

The kings of 3 minute pop songs are “just getting drunk and having fun.” Two vocalists keep the excitement rolling and rocking – the interplay is great. “Get out of your shell and taste a bit of freedom!” There’s a sorta love song intertwined in the fun – you have to hear this to appreciate it – “she brings me up up up up up and down again.” I know, it doesn’t look smart on the page, but neither did “she loves you yeah yeah yeah”, and that excitement led to many years of eartaste pleasure. Watch Koopa’s website for a release date – you can pre-order the single. It appears the strategy of this band is to have a ton of downloads the day of release to make a dent on the music charts. With a song this exciting, that should be no problem. Definitely should be receiving lots of airplay: Koopa