Saturday, September 01, 2007

Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 7: 1967

Me speechless? Maybe that’s the wrong word. Pleasantly overwhelmed. I’ve sang the praises of earlier incarnations of this series, and even suggested you should buy a complete set of the 6 earlier boxes for your Valentine. This time around it’s early enough to suggest you start saving for Christmas. If there is a soul music lover in your family, nothing will please them more than this box. This new collection is every Motown single that appeared in the year 1967, along with a few alternative takes and dj promos. There’s some really fun things that remind us that there were extreme prejudices in 1967 also. A rock group on Motown? Who remembers the Underdogs? The songs are actually pretty good, but went unheard because of the innate prejudice in radio rogrammers who do not want to be challenged.

The collection includes the a-side and the b-side of the hits and those that should have been hits. This is not just a collection for those who collect history – this set is honestly extremely listenable. I’ll be munching this many times over the coming months, and it’s truly an early Christmas present for me. I’m not going to list everything on here, you can find that easy enough by following the link below. A 5 ½ hour taste of heaven with Stevie Wonder, the Contours, Shorty Long, The Temptations, The Supremes, Martha and The Vandellas, Brenda Holloway, and lots and lots more. Many of this were the soundtrack to the summer of love! Make someone happy, and buy one for yourself, too. And if you missed my Valentines list, I’ll add the rest of the links below.

I guess the simplest way to show how cool these sets are is that if my house were burning and I could only grab one pile of things, it would be this series from Hip-O Select.

Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 7: 1967

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