Saturday, September 29, 2007

Porsche Smith – Bebop

“Feeling good tonight down in my soul.” Yep, and the music certainly doesn’t hurt this feeling. Funk, complete with horns. Good tasting, wonderfully flowing dance around the spaces in my head and the entire living room at the same time. The vocals are just as exciting as the music, complete with scatting deep deep down in my soul. “You gotta be-bop.” Although everything has absolutely marvelous flavors, my favorite part of this cut is that Porsche allows the musicians to stretch a bit. Shoutout for Crazy – a truthful prayer.

A very special shoutout for Neglected, a slow burner that had me thinking of my own relationships with my children. “Daddy, if I passed away would you know who I was?” What are their dreams, their plans, their ambitions? Do I truly know? And, when do I ask? Thanks, Porsche, for pulling these thoughts out into my consciousness. Porsche Smith