Friday, September 07, 2007

Kate Nash – Foundations

“Everything’s fine. Except you’ve got that look in your eye when I’m telling a story and you find it boring; you’re thinking of something to say.” Kate sure crams a lot into one line, and it’s true, isn’t it? Whenever I’m talking “with” someone I never see them listening, but thinking ahead – they want to talk. I’ve gotten used to this mode over the years. Save all my ‘talking’ for blogs nowadays. LOL!! But, I’ve grown used to listening to people, and find I’m a decent listener, and also find most all people ever do is complain and/or really say nothing at all. “Then I’ll use that voice that you find annoying.” And he still isn’t listening, so she says, “go ahead and have another beer then.” Sadly, this is a relationship song, and sadly there are many relationships like this. The music bounces along and carries the story along perfectly. “Don’t want to look at your face ‘cause it’s making me sick.” Nice work. Shoutouts for D*ckhead and Mariella. Kate Nash