Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Architecture In Helsinki - Heart It Races

The musical rhythm on this cut is a heartbeat, and it stands out immediately as a fun, danceable listening pleasure. “And we're slow to acknowledge the knots in the laces.” I’m not sure I can intelligently say much about this. My mind goes to a pair of racing shoes and I try to make sense of it from there. I’m not super successful at understanding the entire story, but for some reason find this bit hilarious: “I sold it to a man and threw him out the window, he went boom dah dah dah dah dah, boom dah dah dah dah. Made his wife a widow.” Okay, seriously, it’s not funny, but I can’t stop from laughing. Call the men in the white coats if you must. I have this picture in my head of a man buying a fast beating heart and splatting on the ground several stories down. And I know it shouldn’t be funny, but with the music! I can’t help myself – this is fun. “I bought it in a can and stirred it with my fingers singing boom dah dah dah dah dah, boom dah dah dah dah.” Shoutout for Lazy. Architecture In Helsinki