Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sleeper Car - Lay It Down

The sleepy tune echoes “Waitin’ Around To Die” just enough to cause shivers, then quickly moves into its own groove with lyrics that are astute enough to almost feel like our friend has returned to visit. “You broke me in like a bar room door. You spoke, you moved, you laughed and then you cried. But you said my name with the softest voice, you know you told me to stay another day.” It’s a voice from the past in some respects, but these guys are living and breathing and chugging out songs with the power and spirit of the best. “I said to my friend let me be someone else, I can’t take much more of these days. He said, “you love something good, you gotta let it go. You gotta look, you gotta move, you gotta walk away.” The words tumble out smoothly and feel like songs I’ve sing forever yet I know I haven’t heard them before. “I know I’ve done my best to say the things I never could before I went away, but I’ll take what I can from you my dear. I’ll take the good the bad and all the in between.” Beautiful music, beautiful lyrics. Shoutout for I Won’t Break Down. Sleeper Car