Monday, September 17, 2007

GoodBooks – Leni

The keyboards meander for 2 bars then BANG – wake up! “I cannot see the day for night, I feel the clouds closing in.” The song continues to build, with more instruments joining and pushing the story forward with just enough psychedelia 2/3 through to push the cut from interesting to intriguing. “You bring me down, you push me around, you kick my face into the ground. And I'll tell you because I was there.” The type of feelings the narrator has for Leni are not healthy, by any means, but are common adolescent feelings very much worth exploring and sharing. “There are times when I will need you, there are times when you're not around. And I'm losing my patience - I will love her from the grave.” Vivid confusion; when matched with the music makes for excellent eartaste flavors. GoodBooks