Friday, September 14, 2007

Entice - Summer Nights

School’s been in session for several weeks now, but this fun song reminded me that legally, and Lord knows there’s lots of legalists in Texas, we are still involved in Summer for another week. Autumn starts next week. Plus, it was 90 degrees outside today, so we shoulda been on the beach anyway. Keyboards start with chording, later the drums and lead guitar enter simultaneously, and finally the vocalist emotes his way into the mix. “Call me up tonight. Call me up tomorrow if you like, we’ll start a perfect day.” The emotion is one of longing, feels like he’s knowing something is close to over. Summer romance. “Cause you and me, we sit out in the summer nights loving everyone and everything we see.” The song never says it’s almost over, but the emotions of the voice expose his fears. Beautifully done. Shoutout for Listen Hard, a completely different flavor with lots of chording guitar. Entice