Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Mystic Underground – Madeleine

Definitely dance for a hump-day party, this band eerily evokes the early 80’s appetizer flavors, when we were just starting to hear of chicken wings and jalepeño poppers. Retro to the extreme, I feel like I’m head-bopping along with a long-lost computerized midi synthesizer ditty for awhile, then I pop outta that and remember these guys are alive and well 20+ years later. “Where are they now?” Odd feeling, but fun music. I gave up trying to find a place for you to purchase this song, but they do have a video up at Myspace for those with a fast connection: The Mystic Underground

EDIT: Got a note from the band, and this song is available for download only at this time. "thanks so much for the feature! just so you know, the song is available via i-tunes, emusic, etc... thanks again! best :) v.themysticunderground"