Sunday, September 16, 2007

Newton Faulkner - I Need Something

It’s hard not to notice the superb guitar work, so let’s get that outta the way. This guy plays some mean guitar. Now, to the song. “I need something to believe in cause I don’t believe in myself.” Perfect for a Sunday song – some 30% of the world use Sunday to meditate on this thought. “I’m sick and tired of getting nowhere. Guess it’ll all work out.” He chooses to take the easy way out, philosophically. Instead of digging deeper and finding meaning, just sit and wait. And for Newton, it will probably work cause this music should attract many ears - with a sound this clean, and playing this slick, it’s easy to see this on the top of the charts for many months. Newton covers many different flavors of music, with all of it sounding fresh and delightful, despite the morbid meditations of the cut I chose to talk about. When I see someone so obviously reaching out beyond his own ego for faith I’m excited, and when it’s played with honesty and great music I’m doubly excited. The band plays along quite fluently. Shoutouts for To The Light and Gone In The Morning. Newton Faulkner