Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sammy Hagar - I Love This Bar

Get on your red rock and roll shoes. Here we go! “Well, we got winners. We got losers. Chain smokers and boozers. We got hi-techs, we got bikers and plenty of thirsty hitchhikers. And the girls next door dress up like movie stars – Um, hm hm – I love this bar.” Great bar song about a great bar. “And if you get too drunk you can sleep out in your car.” All towns should have a place just like this. “Just walking through the front door puts a smile on my face.” Great fun, and great Saturday night boogie. “Just strolling around the dance floor puts a big smile on my face.” Great singer, fun guitars, and great band make for great fun. Shoutouts for Halfway To Memphis and a country-flavored cover of I’ll Take You There. Did I say great enough? Well, I feel great! Thanks, Sammy. Sammy Hagar