Sunday, September 09, 2007

Olivea Watson - Dirty Noise

Delicious New Orleans Cajun gospel intro to a normal church-going family with children story. “Sunday morning I hear mama calling down the hall, 'Get dressed, we’re going to church – I don’t wanna hear your talk.'” Mama, I’m sure with the best of intentions goes on to say, “put on your Sunday best, we gotta go clean up your Dirty Mess.” ‘Taint mammas fault – it’s what preachers do – make people feel superior to others and blame them for the ills of the family. Mama will probably never be trained that talk like this will chase her kids far far from God. At least till they have kids of their own and the cycle starts again. What we need is more people readin’ the words of Jesus and less people preachin’. At this point in the song the little one is thinking, “I’m a sinner, I’m a liar, I’m all those bad things, I’m made of fire. There is nothing my mama can do, she can’t give me no virtue.” The child, however knows what to do when things get truly outta hand, “I’m going to ask God to forgive me, I’m going to repent.” But for my money stayng out late on Saturday night and playing music worth shoutin’ about is not a reason to repent, but to rejoice. Very cool music, very cool song – thanks Olivea. Shoutout goes to Way Down Deep where the narrator is aware of someone she’s close to “putting down all the things you thought you found in me.” I love that line, because the truth is the things we think we see in others are usually our own weaknesses. Olivea Watson