Monday, September 03, 2007

Wannabe Hasbeens – One More Night

A Monday morning blast-me-out of bed anthem. “I’m all tangled up in your cosmic bait-and-switch. You got me coming in after dark with the vampires on the wall.” How’s that for a love song? Love this line, too: “Dressed in red from the souls that you bleed.” The conceit of this song is that it’s the last night the narrator is going to put up with what’s being thrown at him, but I can tell by the thought put into these lyrics that the final night is still a long way away. A person really and truly fed up would not be this literate. And the music, the music is lovingly pounding, waking me up, making me listen. “I came here for something good, I’d leave right now if I could.” Naw, this relationship still has a long way to go, and that’s good because there may be a lot more cool songs coming from these Wannabe Hasbeens. A fun shoutout for the Jimmy Stewart meditation in rock, Hey George Bailey. The Wannabe Hasbeens