Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bayard Russell - Just Feel

Space is never far from my mind, and I am disappointed when there is an eclipse of the moon yet the clouds cover it. I had high anticipations for this party. So is there good news? Of course. The good news is the music I chose still manages to eclipse our brains even though the clouds obscure our vision. The instruments are glad to take us on a trip beyond our senses. “You took my breath, my love. You took my breath away.” My mind prepared this soundtrack to coincide with the sight of the earth crossing the moon. My mind had to accept the music itself as honest, as real, as empowering despite the clouds. And, it worked. Bayard does not overpower , but empowers my emotions. “If I could feel once more, I would feel anything at all” he intones as the bass player and synthesizer enable depths in me to “just feel again.” I am alive, I am one with the percussion, I travel on a plane with the harmony singer encouraging me to “feel.” The shoutout tune is, well, just plain fun, Crazy For You (“We should have a dozen kids and name them all after you”). Having been involved with these wild emotions once or twice in my life, I can readily identify with the guy who says “maybe going insane is what you’ve got to do when you’re in love”. And, lets face it, the synthesizer production at the end of this cut is insane. Fun insane. Bayard Russell