Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Willy Deville - So So Real

“I ain’t no rocket - I’m a shooting star!” This album was extra fun to listen to. The album sounded like it was by a fresh, exciting recording band, though well-traveled on the bar scene it seemed to me. I have 6 albums by Willy in my collection, and am intimately familiar with the music, especially the first few when his band was called Mink. I danced to his music a lot in those days, and once upon a very very long lifetime ago opened for him in a gig in California in a band I was with at the time. There was always one of his songs played on my radio shows. But like everything else that pops in around here, I did not look at the cover before throwing the CD in the player. I immediately loved the record – sounded like the next great new band that I’d be writing about for many years to come. The only other thought that came to mind while listening & dancing is that this would be a very special group to see live because it’s real obvious the band can stretch these songs out for some wild and crazy solos.

Well, I knew I was going to write about this album, I was falling in love with one song after another. There were things happening on some cuts that were a bit retro, but in a powerful 2008 bar band type of way. After the last cut I checked out the artist & well, as you can tell, I’m blown away. Willy is still rocking my socks off by seeking out a new way to present his visions even after 30 years in the business. I did not recognize his “style” simply because he did not rely on his past glory to tell me about his new thoughts. I am thoroughly impressed. Shoutouts for Been There Done That & When I Get Home. Willy Deville