Wednesday, February 27, 2008

REM – Airliner

A high-energy instrumental power taste for a super Wednesday party. Surf meets indie-alt-rock with a vengeance. The surf is pounding, the bombs are dropping, the margaritas are spiked extra heavy. Excitement is the rule, and everyone is smiling bigger than their face. A new song that fits our old parties just fine. Shoutout for Supernatural Superserious – another song filled with excitement, promising that the new album will be one of the top 5 REM albums of all time. 20 plus years and the ability to reach the rock behind the roll is still blossoming! “Everybody here comes from somewhere that they would just as soon forget.” That’s why God created hump day parties! “Enjoy yourself with no regrets.” Easy to say type of platitude, but the narrator even shares some words of wisdom of why this philosophy works for him, “nobody cares, no one remembers, and nobody cares”. I can add an amen to that – my time on this planet shows this truth to be self-evident – that most folks are just visiting the earth to get what they can for themselves. “You don’t have to explain.” REM