Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wampus Multimedia seeking submissions for 2008

Wampus Multimedia is currently seeking submissions of music and ebooks for 2008. If you are interested in expanding your audience through the orchestrated marketing and distribution of your work, consider Wampus Multimedia as your media partner.

Music: singer-songwriter; postmodern rock; indie pop; modern folk.

eBooks: literary fiction; creative nonfiction; expert guides; travelogues.

Deadline for submissions: Friday, February 22.

Materials to: Wampus Multimedia, 4 Weems Lane, #300, Winchester, VA 22601.

--- Q&A with Mark Doyon ---

Q. What is Wampus? How can it help me with my work?

A. Wampus is a media company -- a music label, media shop, sound studio, ebook publisher, and marketing communications group. We have marketed and distributed more than 50 records and books, in the United States and around the world, since 2002. We serve as a creative partner in design, production, manufacturing, promotion, and distribution.

Q. Can't I do that stuff myself?

A. Maybe. But it's better if you have the resources of a company dedicated to doing it. Partnering with Wampus gives you expertise in image, branding, and strategy. Most importantly, you get people who will either care deeply about your work or recommend other options.

Q. How do I know if I'm a good fit for Wampus?

A. Visit the Web site, explore the things we're doing. Ask yourself: Is my work unique? Am I unwilling to change it for commercial reasons? Do I want to maintain creative control of it? If you're nodding "yes" to these questions, you're in the ballpark. We're not in love with mainstream appeal. We're looking for originality.

Q. Don't you need mainstream products to stay in business?

A. We focus on niche products, not blockbusters. A distinctive release, marketed well, has greater staying power than a typical mainstream one. We would rather market a release for decades than just during the first month. It's about building something over time -- an idea, an ethic, a community.

Other questions? Contact us at mail4(at)