Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sally Anthony – Goodbye

Tonight’s party starts off with some irony. Who starts a party with Goodbye? Welcome to my world. Weirdness reigns supreme. With your dancing shoes on, of course. The song is kind of a send-off for a friend who needs a send-off, at least in the opinion of the narrator. So, while dancing through the stars be prepared for some down-to-earth lyrics. Intermingled in the anger is some really cool lines, like “it’s a beautiful thing for me to know that you hear this on your system while driving in your car.” Good, sassy way to start off this dance, which continues loud and proud with the lively Don't Fall in Love (With Me). Every song has its own flavors, which makes for great variety and an enjoyable evening. Sally is obviously in this business to entertain, while keeping her unique personality intact. Sally Anthony