Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Details - Reunion Souvenirs

“I can’t wait to calibrate all the things we find have changed since the last time when the distance wasn’t greater than the connection that we had.” Sounds like a mouthful, but imagine this – it’s not just a poem, but a song. Yep, the narrator gets this out intelligibly. And, the story makes sense. There’s distance put between families and friends in this “modern” world. For what purpose? Ah, the question we all wish had an honest answer. The poets here have the ability to face these issues and put them into terms we can use to start our meditations with. No answers, but clearly stated questions. Nice work. Shoutouts include Underground (“I wrote a clever song. I always dreamt the crowd would sing along to my empty thoughts and kill the poets to save their dying art.”), Capture and Develop (“Only the boldest admit what they can’t defeat.”), and Hit Parades (“there are million dollar price tags that come with my million dollar friends.”) The music complements the intelligence of the poetry. The Details