Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Star Anna - Five Minutes To Midnight

The music is good, but the taste that engulfs the senses here is the fine vocal. “Count it down, count it back, count it right.” I don’t feel like Star Anna is singing to me, but to “all the clouds that hide the moon tonight.” And, that’s alright – because the emotion comes through and convinces me that anticipation is important. What we’re waiting for doesn’t matter, simply the tension of knowing we’re waiting is enough. The shoutout tune, Wait, takes it a step further and gives a hint that I’m waiting for the light to come back to take away my pain. “Sadness hangs on our front door just like it has many years before, and I pray to God it isn’t here to stay.” A spiritual exploration where salvation is offered, but not immediate gratification. Beautiful performance. Star Anna