Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bayard Russell - Living At Moms

Steady bass beat, almost an eerie sound coming out of my speakers. Perhaps haunting is a better word. “Sometimes I think I’m a record in reverse, ‘cause I get déjà-vu each time I do the dream-like thing that I do first. Then I concede the second time is worse, when I finally remember all the things I had remembered.” Okay, I admit I feel like I’m walking through a Stephen King novel backwards, but I think that’s Bayard’s point. The melody is whisperingly fascinating, and the lyrics, which I thought might be funny, really aren’t. “I tend to shoulder all the blame.” Excellent composition. The instrument that lays the break has a fascinating sound. I’d guess some sorta synthesizer, but it could be a guitar being run through a synthesizer. Doesn’t matter – it fits, and adds to the overall ambience of the song. “These days are so defeating, not ones that bear repeating.” Shoutouts for I Know, a slower thoughtful piece & Uh-huh, a pop-centered light hearted look at a life. Bayard Russell