Monday, February 04, 2008

Lenny Kravitz - If You Want It

Sing it, preacher. “If you want it, you can change your evil ways. If you want it, just break free and walk away.” Okay, so there’s no true enlightenment here, but the music is outstanding – guaranteed to wake me up on a Monday morning.And there’s nothing wrong with starting my week on a spiritual note, shallow or not. Shallow depths are better than no depth at all! Huge shoutout for the funky dance power of Will You Marry Me? “You are the light and the passion that never goes out of fashion.” Don’t worry, when you’re dancing your heart out the lyrics won’t be on your mind. The guitarist, the bassist, and the percussionist are the stars here. And to keep the day moving with a stones-like groove, another shoutout for Dancin' Til Dawn. Lenny Kravitz