Sunday, February 24, 2008

Polydream - Catch Me If You Can

“Here we are another space and time” introduces a musical sphere of emotion that allows the dreamer to easily escape into the intellectual arena of pure thought introduced by the narrator. “I can’t tell you anything will be the way we were promised it would be.” He’s speaking to the nexr generation, as the children join him in the background and beg for acceptance of each other’s humanity, “if we don’t learn to live as one we won’t outlive the sun.” The cynic may accept that’s going to be true anyway, but there are those of us who can imagine humanity moving out and beyond the earth without the need to consume to create wealth, merely to live and explore. The music is composed in a fashion to encourage dreaming of a positive future. Rock and roll with philosophy driving its function. Beautiful. Shoutout for In The Daylight (“I connect every dot between all the stars and the moonbeams and I watch them fade till all the world is blue again”).