Thursday, February 07, 2008

Karli Fairbanks - I Could Arrange You

“You’re too free to hide.” Optimistic? Perhaps you’ll think that by the end of the poem where freedom is transformed. In the meantime, banjo & steel guitar pleasure my ears with an understanding that I am not listening to any form of country song. Karli has arranged the tune in a completely post-modern flavor without any hint of irony. I am impressed with the instrumentation, but the icing on this delicious, bittersweet dessert is the poetry. “Darling, if you want a broken soul, I could find you some blue.” The story opens veins and locates memories poured into salted tears and saved for very special reveries. “You’ll find your cross soon enough. Just hoist it on up. Your shoulders will bleed, but you’ll finally be free.” Karli Fairbanks