Sunday, February 03, 2008

Scott Campbell & Friends -Still Making It Up As We Go

The title sounds a lot like my life. Every day a new situation pops up, how to deal with this? Dunno, make something up, just try to act like you know what you’re doing. Scott captured this emotion, along with some friends who must have caught the spirit – and I’m betting the reason is as simple as – we’re all making this life up as we go along. Good stuff to think about on a Sunday afternoon while most people in our country claim to be thinking about God, taking a day off just to do that. Yep, people lie especially when it's a choice between contemplation and the Superbowl. The spiritual me tell me the superbowl helps their relationship with God. Said between beers, of course. That’s what makes this song special, no lies. The lyric goes pretty deep, Scott is talking about relationships, and if I’m listening carefully, it’s the most sacred of all relationships – that between a husband a wife. Rocking his heart out!

“You didn’t come with instructions. But then, what good would they be?
You’ve always been a moving target with a fresh scheme up your sleeve.
Though I’m sometimes skeptical, I help you play them out,
Cause your vision of the two of us is one I never doubt.

We seek, we plan, we leap, we land.
It’s the bends in the flow, where we lend and we owe,
Still making it up as we go.

Nobody gave us a manual, it would have gone out of date anyhow.
I look at that kid in our wedding pictures and he’s a stranger to me now.
So in another twenty years I don’t know who I’ll be.
But the one thing that I’m sure of is, you’ll still believe in me.

We shift, we turn, we drift, we learn.
It’s the bends in the flow, where we lend and we owe,
Still making it up as we go.”

The shoutouts add deep flavors to the musical textures. I Want A Woman With Some Miles On Her is a blues-flavored rocker, Blue Ivory introduces a psychedelic spice, and When Hearts Are Broken is a story ballad that tears deep memories out of my soul. “When hearts are broken they still beat, but they don’t mend.” Thanks for sharing your soul Scott. Scott Campbell & Friends