Monday, March 09, 2009

Fernando Viciconte - Word From The Inside

“You can sleep, sleep, sleep. Sleep all you want. Don’t worry now, I won’t wake you up!” You gotta be kidding me! You going to sing this loud early Monday morning & not wake me up? Give me a heart attack why don’t you? A good, jolly, dance out loud screaming rock and roll heart attack of music! I love it – no better way to start the week. “I hope you don’t think that I don’t know what you’re doing!” Joker, this guy. What I was doing was sleeping till the dance started! “The word from the inside is that you fell down!” Pretty close, I jumped up, and fell outta bed. But only for a second. Was up on my feet dancing within seconds. Well, as much as you can dance without any coffee when the alarm goes off and the music starts blasting. “You can spend all my money, if you want.” No thanks, the dance is fine. “When you talk, all I hear is a whisper.” Ha! No wonder, I could shout and you couldn’t hear me past the guitars. Great fun! Even if the song is really about the “saddest girl in town.” My bet is he’s outside singing on the sidewalk to put a smile on her face. Shoutout for the polar opposite flavors of a modern take on Angel Of Death, the great Hank Williams tune. And the best news? Fernando is sharing these with his fans for no cost until the hard copies are available. Remember, tho – although no financial cost is involved, nothing is free. Be prepared to become a lifetime fan by listening to these cuts. You’ll find yourself dancing, crying, laughing, and singing along. Downloads available at: Fernando Viciconte

Many thanks to Alex Steininger for the introduction.