Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Oxygen Ponies - Love Yr Way

“I sold my soul for education, every day I pay the debt. My entire generation better find a tourniquet.” A reminder, but a powerful one, of what young people are facing these days when the government bails out the rich, It can only get worse, unfortunately. “I don't know why I even bother, one black sheep can't kill the herd. Now I understand why father drank and drank without a word.” The narrator reminds us that times have been rough before, and he can see is father through new eyes. Is there any hope? “I'm alive and my hearts still beating, should have stopped so long ago. I'm so tired of retreating, all this movement takes its toll.” That’s slender hope, but as the poet says, “at least my heart’s still beating.” Wait! Wait! Is there more? Can it be? Is there a person who can bring the narrator out of the depths of despair? “Then there's you Miss Sugarsunsmile, coating me in heaven's light. Almost makes it all worthwhile.” Ouch! Keyword, “almost”. But that almost speaks volumes. “I don't know how to build no palace, if I did you could be queen. You and I would raise a chalice to everyone who dared to dream! God I love your way - it brightens up my day! Will I ever say the words to make you love me?” The narrator, though still not quite reaching unconditional love in his plea, at least recognizes that love will see us though whatever financial straits the rich and the government force upon us from their lofty heights. Because there are loftier heights they will never know that we are able to experience because our love is not of money. Can I hear an amen?

The party continues with lots of great shoutouts. The Oxygen Ponies delight with Fevered Cyclone (“we live like clones in our suburban homes substituting plastic to get by”), The War Is Over (“if God made models of his best creations you'd be on display”), Harmony Handgrenade (“nothing's worse than a land where the free are enslaved”), and Grab Yr Gun (“Faith, she's the mirror I lose myself in. As the image gets clearer the struggle begins.”)

The CD won’t be out for awhile yet, but I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. It’s definitely one to add to your wish list or simply pre-order. Oxygen Ponies = rock and roll with a message of love for the world. “Grab your gun, choose your side. Let your love be your guide.” The Oxygen Ponies