Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Raquel Bitton - Toda una Vida

”Toda una vida estaría contigo. No me importa en que forma ni como ni donde, pero junto a ti.” Bolero is pure romantic dance, and was fairly popular in the 50’s and 60’s. Popular enough that the Beatles even made a few boleros, as well as rhumbas and cha-cha-chas. This song is especially romantic for a Wednesday break from the working week because of the fantastic back-up band, especially the guitar player who enhances the romance in Raquel’s voice. The guitar work is by Ramon Stagnaro of Peru, with a shoutout to Rebeca Mauleón, with the lightest of flourishes on piano keeping the erotic flame burning here on earth rather than traveling through the stars. The CD pays tribute to several Bolero writers, and the composer being focused on in this cut is Osvaldo Farrés, native of Cuba. Beautiful. Raquel Bitton

Rebeca Mauleón on KQED TV