Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tara Simmons - When You Say That I Don’t Care About You

“When you say that I don’t care about you I just turn the light inside me out.” Blunt, but powerful. In short, stop being an emotional cripple, life is too short. Put that to music and you have Tara Simmons, who also has no aversion to getting me to get up and dance around the room. Eccentric background music makes for a bit of fun at a party. Somewhere between a ticking clock and a glockenspiel. The melodies of her songs are pure pop, the background seems to be whatever is handy at the time, but always feels appropriate. Shoutouts for the wonderful Shake (“silly girl, you should have known this would all blow over fine”), and Silent (“I can’t speak or sing”). For more fun, look for some of her older tracks, like Ballet and Everybody Loves You. Tara Simmons