Saturday, March 28, 2009

Indigo Girls – The Fleet Of Hope

“The fleet of hope is so pretty when she’s shining in the port
and the harbor clings to the jetty for protection and support.” The narrator is looking up at the horizon on the beach, and shares her poetry with music and beautiful harmony. “Though I stopped breathing I still believe I should try. Maybe a boat in search of lost treasures will pass by.” There is a deep hope in this song, a prayer almost for a continuance of all that the narrator has experienced. I love the opening vision of the fisherman standing like the narrator, he with a pole, and her with a book, “we will have caught on to something by the end of the day, but mostly we think about the one that got away.” Along with the deep hope is also a subtle look at the apparent despondency of it all. “Out in the choppy waters the sharks swim and play. You’re all washed up when Poseidon has his day.” Honest and beautiful poetry, with honest and beautiful music to bring the poem life. Shoutout for the great playing and vocals Second Time Around (“I’m just a little bit off these days”). Indigo Girls