Friday, March 06, 2009

Lisa Hannigan – Lille (Sea Sew CD)

"He went to sea for the day. He wanted to know what to say when he's asked what he'd done in the past to someone that he loved she's gone, and so is he..." A bit melancholy, but the beauty with which it’s presented makes this a pleasure to listen to. The song is delicious. Four short stories which resemble each other in tone and mood – for me the thought is of walking along the beach and sharing stories with four different people. The final story in this treasure trove is "We went out to play for the evening and wanted to hold on to the feeling and the stretch in the sun and the breathlessness as we run to the beach endlessly as the sun creeps up on the sea..." Delicate wordsmithing. I love admiring the poetic craftsmanship evidenced by comparing the verses.

This entire album is filled with very listenable stories, and is definitely one I would highly recommend purchasing this first solo CD by an artist who has found the perfect medium for sharing her poetry. I am shouting out the entire CD, which has been moved to my stack of best CDs of 1009 so far. I plan to listen to it a lot. It has helped solidify my spring break plans. Though I prefer the rocky beaches of the Big Sur area, I will more likely end up at the gulf of Mexico in the next few weeks just so I can play this on my headphones while walking on the shore. Lisa Hannigan