Thursday, March 05, 2009

Michael Zapruder – Ads For Feelings

“Couldn’t sleep. I was watching the night throwing little pebbles at the back of my head.” Little vignettes of life, short stories really, put to music. Written in an existential stream-of-consciousness manner, it’s fascinating to peek into the minds of the various storytellers. The narrators of these anecdotes are people who populate upper class drama and share details we mere mortals would never be privy to were it not for the occasional rebel willing to share the lurid details. The marvelous thing is Michael brings some fun music along to develop the tension in the tales. From light acoustic operettas to full blown psychedelia, he finds sounds that add perfect spices to the words. Shoutouts for the worlds of Black Wine (“there were half-hearted gestures like really weak tea, they intensified the chips and the dip”), Happy New Year (“I felt like a small, mistreated pet”), Harbor Saints (“may the tango of your footsteps lead you where you feel at home”), Bang On A Drum (“it’s hard to make paradise, killing people is good business, it’s just a drag”), and Second Sunday In Ordinary Time (“the hot suits and the fashion crimes, it’s you and me somehow”). Michael Zapruder