Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nicole Hart – Heart Trouble

The upbeat blues music sparkles out of the speakers with joy and solid emotion when this cut begins. I was prepared for some bleeding blues, and was instead treated to a full-throated belly laugh when Nicole began ripping into this old Martina McBride song. “The way you treat me baby, cheat and tell me lies. Guess I shouldn’t care at all, still I sympathize, ‘cause you’ve got heart trouble.” Now, read that again, and replace it wth “Hart trouble.” Great fun. You don’t wanna be carryin’ on married to a woman who’s promising trouble. That’s a bit tongue in cheek, ‘cause I imagine most women are promising trouble to their wandering philanderers. But you just need to hear the way she slowly pulls out the double-meaning “heart” to enjoy the artistry of Nicole and her great band. Good work. Shoutout for the slow riding Percy Mayfield duet You Were Lyin' To Me. Her partner on this tune is Albert Castiglia, who also adds some tasy guitar pickin’. Nicole Hart