Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Nocturnal Flowers - Waterfall

So many official releases sound like demos nowadays that it’s refreshing to receive a CD clearly marked as a demo. I’m writing about this set because of the innocence so proudly on display, and because when these guys fine-tune their music and release it officially I’m betting some of the innocence will disappear from the performances. On this cut an acoustic guitar is soon met by a violin to introduce a narrator mournfully describing his thoughts on love. “I used to be in love like you, like a waterfall disappearing into nowhere.” He’s joined by a chorale of angels describing the waterfall “so high”. Shoutouts for When I Believed In You (“it’s really no great surprise that the look on your face is just a disguise”), and Why Don’t You Tell Me (“rain will was away those memories – secrets in my heart”). A copy of the demo is available to purchase. Contact the band at their MySpace page: The Nocturnal Flowers.