Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lisa Ekdahl – Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile

If you woulda told me just 5 years ago that’s I’d enjoy songs that had whistling in them, I woulda chuckled and asked you to find someone else to bug. I think of whistling and songs and I’m back in Mayberry territory in my head. Kinda funny that I ended up living in a town that looks and acts a lot like Mayberry. I digress. Point is, Lisa starts this CD off with a whistle, and it fits perfectly. Been a few others this year like that, so I’m going ahead and accepting the kiss-shaped whistle as a serious instrument in modern music.

“I’m on my hands and knees searching every corner for my lost heart and soul.” Lisa’s pouring out her pain while at the same time knowing that there will be people scoffing at her search. That’s what this song is about – not her personal pain, but the scoffers. And she does it with some wonderful musicians. The bass playing dueting with the organ player is sublime, and the percussionist knows how to hold back and when to let loose. Dreamy. Shoutout for the more acoustic flavors of One Life (“I don’t care if someone says I’m foolish, cause while I’m here I’m singing from my heart”). Lisa Ekdahl