Sunday, May 20, 2007

Crawdaddy Returns More Interactive Than Ever

Crawdaddy has returned from the crypts, with new material and archives. Very cool. An old quote from the current issue:

“For me the greatest pop music was music of liberation: Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Public Enemy, the Clash, the Sex Pistols. Those were pop groups that liberated an enormous amount of people to be who they are. That connection, I always thought, was the essence of the great bands that I loved – that they did that for people. It was the spirit of popular music that courses through everybody from Woody Guthrie to Hank Williams, the great Robert Johnson, all the way on, you know. I wanted to be a link in that chain. I wanted to just come and do my part as best I could.” - Bruce Springsteen

It was also interesting to read the Simon & Garfunkle review from the very first issue: "minstrelsy is still the best means of communication". Also worth sharing is the true remark about rock and roll journalism by a reader named Paul Williams (lol): "This magazine continues to be about making it up as you go along. The rock snd roll experience, even in this new age, demands to be shared. With honesty and passion."