Thursday, April 09, 2009

Adam Hill - High Road

”There’s a hundred million reasons why electrons spin around.” Well, that’s a very new thought for me. Never really thought about one reason, and this guy has a bunch of ‘em. Course, he doesn’t cover them all in 3 minutes, but he does get some ideas rolling pretty dang fast. “Everyone we pass is gone, wonder if we’re right or wrong, but we never really know.” Sounds like a folk singer borrowing johnny cash’s guitar for an hour and has some pretty deep roots in rock. “It may just might be the things we see are tracking all the things we sow.” Could be. Definitely something to consider. “Sometimes we don’t understand.” Shoutout for Fueled Up, a new r&r dance for my friends who have a good sense of humor. “You get fueled up and you turn three times around, you tear off your crown and throw it to the grown. You huff and puff and you blow this house down.” With a few whoops, just for fun. Can’t help but smile at Adam’s energy. Adam Hill