Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pierce Pettis – Nothing But The Wind

“If you should feel me move toward the light, you'll shoot me down like a dead satellite.” Mark Heard’s beautiful song about how our friends, family, schools, governments, and media will do everything they can to keep us from recognizing the daily miracles around us. “If you should see me stoop to smell the rose, don't let me - show me the thorns it grows.” What I like about this line especially, is Mark also realized that we beg our friends to stop us from exploring our spiritual side, and that if they catch us thinking, we beg them to stop us. Pierce Pettis captures the power of the song and performs it as an introduction to a collection of his own songs. I Am Nothing (But The Angels Sometimes Whisper In My Ears) also explores our spiritual nature (“I stumble when I try to walk the straight and narrow”). Something For The Pain is a meditation on living in the presence of the spirit. Fine collection. Pierce Pettis