Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bell Orchestre - Dark Lights

I love what music can do for my mind. This piece of music has taken my mind on a journey. What’s interesting is as I was listening, it was a journey toward light & scenes of deep beauty. The composer chose a title on the other side of the fence, perhaps for contrast? Last month I mentioned The Gaze from this same CD. It’s very ossible as the year wages on I’ll have more favorites. Today it’s definitely Dark Lights because it has fulfilled this entire day for me.

The video I found on YouTube has nature sounds placed on top of the music – so you won’t have a true experience of Bell Orchestra, but the scenes are a good representation of a Sunday in Spring. Bell Orchestre

Music for this video: Bell Orchestre - Dark Lights

Live: Water/Light/Shifts -

Bell Orchestre - Stripes