Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tornado Warnings

Exciting, but no electricity means no sharing tonight. The winds are making their own music, and the electric box sending off sparks in the dry back yard does not make me want to sit around enjoying music tonight anyway. I'm going to enjoy the sound of the winds swaying trees back and forth - tops of the branches touching the ground on two sides of the trees. Anyway, I'm off to make sure the sparks that hit ground don't actually catch anywhere.

UPDATE: We made it through the night. Not much sleep, but plenty of natural music keeping my ears tuned closely to my surroundings! One peach tree actually snapped in half. A lot of tomato blossoms flew off into the tornado nether lands, and a few heavier tomatoes are laying on the ground begging me to make some green fried tomatoes for breakfast tomorrow. A tornado touched down at a ranch a few miles up the road, but besides the peach tree and a few tomato blossoms, we survived the thrill.