Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bertie Blackman - Sky Is Falling

“I jump in a hole deep within.” It’s not often that someone takes the seven notes (12 if you include sharps or flats) and makes them sound this fresh. Bertie is approaching pop music with a unsullied vision of music. Not that she doesn’t have influences – simply that she’s surpassed them and found a personal reflection of sound that can be enjoyed by others. Let me say it this way - you’d never mistake this as a pre-2009 music but you know from the first notes that it is music. Call it melodic hip-hop in the way that the Beatles were melodic soul and the Stones were melodic blues. Her poetic imagery matches the intensity of her music. “The earth is gone, already dripping with blood.”

The shoutouts are many: Thump (“if only the night were forever, I’d fight for you”); Heart (“This road feels rough under my shoes”); White Owl (“he has so many faces inside”); Birds Of Prey (“you picked the wrong girl off the streets and my nails are sharp. . .I live in my own darkness”); Come To Bed (“what’s it to you that we’re worlds apart?”); Shout Out (“it’s like a fear I feel tonight”); Town Of Sorrow (“dirt roads covered with daisies so in love with each other”); and Baby Teeth (“I’m always on the run to never feel anything else in the dark”). Each song has its own musical flavorings, and each of these flavors fits the story the poet wishes to convey perfectly. Purchase current single on Amazon (Heart).

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