Friday, April 03, 2009

Tim Easton – Burgundy Red

”Woke up this morning with an old song in your head, a spilled wine glass, and a stranger in your bed.” Perfect story to start off a Friday night party with – sort of a preview for Saturday morning. Tim performs the song with absolute abandon, and like all great rock and roll, it frees the soul. The percussion is arranged to ensure dancing, and the exciting lead guitar work makes my heart pound with life. Tim’s vocal performance demands attention, I just love his repetitions of never. He convinces me that he’s trying to convince himself, even though he truly doesn’t believe it’ll never happen again. Shoutouts for the musical inspiration of Get What I Got Broke ("all you took away was the hunger and the swagger"), My Heart (“she’s got the coldest heart in this state, and that’s not my imagination”) & Stormy (“don’t like to wear no shoes, that’s why she’s got them running blues”). Stones Throw Away gets a special shout-out as a sleepy tune pefect for the last dance of the night. Tim Easton