Monday, April 27, 2009

CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast - Matt Malley - Life as a Counting Crow

I’ve been listening to the podcast over a year now. All of the podcasts are interesting, but for a special audience – the indie band – how to market yourself, etc. This particular podcast is interesting because I think Matt Malley’s story is as good as any interview you’ll read in Rolling Stone. In short, any music lover will love hearing the story of band, and what it felt like to be a member. Matt also has a CD available as a solo artist on CD Baby. You’ve probably noticed many of our links point you to CD Baby – many great artists make a home there.

A similar podcast came out with John Oates of Hall & Oates, but I couldn’t find the album at the time. I should have shouted out that podcast, too.

CDBaby DIY Musician Podcast #57

Matt Malley

An oldie but goodie. . .